Luxury Blossom Canopy Trees Hire

Blossom Canopy Trees Hire – Ivory – Blush Pink – Wisteria – Ficus Leaf Green – White – Autumn Leafs – Pink Camellia – Cream Camellia – Peach – Weeping Cherry Blossom

Showcasing Your Blossoming Love With Our Indoor Blossom Trees!

Bring the outside in with our luxury Blossom Canopy Trees Hire standing at 3.20 Meters tall, they are available in white, ivory and blush pink blossom, wisteria and ficus green, autumn leafs, peach, weeping cherry blossom, pink camellia & cream camellia.

Our Canopy Blossom Trees Arch are perfect for a civil ceremony, entrance way or behind your top table, or any event or occasion.

Our canopy trees are available in:

Ivory Blossom Canopy Trees

Ficus Leaf Canopy Trees

Wisteria Canopy Trees

Wisteria Canopy Trees

Peach Canopy Trees

Cream Camellia Canopy Trees

Blush Pink Blossom Canopy Trees

White Blossom Canopy Trees

Autumn Canopy Trees

Weeping Cherry Blossom Canopy Trees

Pink Camellia Canopy Trees

Pink Camellia Canopy Trees


Canopy Blossom Tree Hire £250 per pair

(We deliver install and collect free of charge within a 50 mile radius of BD19 postcode, additional miles are charged at £1.00 per mile)

Natural, rustic weddings are the latest trend that’s not going anywhere, with couples increasingly looking to the natural world to inspire them and create the perfect wedding.

While an outdoor wedding might seem like the perfect way to showcase the majestic Yorkshire landscape in all its glory, it can also be a perilous experience.

After all, the UK isn’t famed for its reliable weather, and no one wants to get rained on or blown away during their special day.

Bringing the outside in and creating a rural feel to your venue is simple thanks to Wedding Venue Lighting and our blossom tree hire service.

Flowers are, after all, a classic symbol of love, and blossoms are the ultimate way to show your adoration and commitment to one another. We offer a wide range of blossom tree hire and blossom tree canopy hire, so no matter what you need, we can deliver it and create the ideal venue for your wedding.

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Our trained and professional team will help you to select the perfect blossom tree solutions from our range so that you’ve got precisely what you need for your wedding décor.

We offer a selection of types and styles of blossom trees, including ivory, blush pink, autumn and wisteria, so no matter what your tastes and wedding theme, we can create the perfect atmosphere with our products. 

After they’ve helped you to choose and book the blossom trees that you need, our team will bring them down to your venue before the ceremony and set them up, so you don’t need to lift a finger.

They’ll be available if you have any questions, and then once the event is over they’ll come and collect your blossom trees, so you don’t have to worry about anything and can enjoy your wedding in peace.

Such an exceptional service is what sets us apart from other wedding lighting and decoration firms in the Yorkshire area. We support couples throughout the county, so wherever you are, we can help.

We offer our wedding venue décor hire for couples in almost every town, city and village in Yorkshire, and if you’re unsure that we’ll be able to help you, then please ask. Our team love to work with couples and help them to find ideal wedding decorations to suit their needs and create the ambience they desire.

As well as our glorious blossom trees and blossom tree canopies, we also provide a wide range of additional decorations, such as dance floors, LED furniture, light-up letters, post boxes and much more. Whatever you need to make your day special and unique, we can provide it, alongside a professional service that you won’t find elsewhere.

Our blossom tree hire packages are cost-effective, and we can tailor them to your exact needs so that you get the wedding venue you’ve always wanted. 

Blossom Canopy Tree Arch throughout:

Bradford, Halifax, Harrogate, Huddersfield, Leeds, North Yorkshire, Rotherham, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Wakefield, West Yorkshire & York