Fairy Lights Hire – Fairy Light Curtains – Wedding Fairy Lights Hire

Wedding Venue Lighting fairy lights hire enables you to create a magical wedding venue, and compliment both contemporary and traditional venues alike. These wedding fairy lights can be wrapped around pillars and beams or curtain fairy lights hung from stands, and are bound to create the ideal wedding ambiance.


Fairy Light Hire


The gentle glow of the lights adds warmth, class and elegance to the venue, it promotes softness that compliments, not overpowers, and adds glitter and sparkle. In regards to photography, how many times times have you noticed those blurred, twinkling lights adding magic to the images.

Fairy Light Hire


Fairy lights make all the difference when it comes to dressing your venue and of course they can go anywhere, in any quantity. They can create ceilings, canopies, waterfalls, wrap around beams, dress banisters and columns and that’s just indoors. Outside they can create pathways to guide guests, wrap around trees, go around the edges of buildings and roofs, over doors and so on. You can really use your imagination with fairy lights too create such beauty.

Fairy Light Hire


Rest assured, you hire direct, we have our own vans, staff and equipment, all which will arrive at your venue on time and in guaranteed excellent condition. Our service guarantees that your wedding and venue will be unique to your day, transforming your venue to suit your theme and style.

Fairy Light Curtain Hire