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LED Poseur Table Hire Throughout Yorkshire

Wedding Venue Lighting provided LED poseur tables as a unique way of adding colour to your reception as well as providing a practical solution for guests to place their drinks and other items on. Add a splash of colour and touch of class to your wedding evening reception with the use of Colour Changing LED Poseur Table Hire. The modern looking tables are striking and appealing to guests.


LED Poseur Table Hire


Each poseur table is controlled by a simple remote where you can set to a particular colour or you can have the tables fading through its library of various colours.

LED Poseur Table Hire


The LED Poseur tables are perfect for positioning near the dance floor allowing guests to leave their drinks on as they carry on dancing. They are also often hired to be used in the bar area of venues by clients wanting to add some colour.

LED Poseur Table Hire


The LED Poseur tables are battery powered and so there is no need for cables or plugs to be seen by your guests. The battery life on our poseur tables is 6 hours, more than enough for most weddings. Above all of this, the LED poseur tables carry an inbuilt programme which allows them to fade, this is something you can control from a hand-held remote.

LED Poseur Table – £35.00 (Delivered Installed and Collected)

We’ve also got a range of LED Poseur Tables, Cubes & Bars, to attract the attention of your guests and create a beautiful atmosphere in any marque, tent or outdoor venue.

At Wedding Venue Lighting, we understand how important your special day is, which is why we’d never leave your LED furniture and go home. Our expert staff will set-up everything, from your LED bar through to your LED Poseur Tables, just the way you like them so that you’re ready to enjoy them to the fullest.

Each piece of LED Poseur Table is cleaned and tested before and after each use. As a result, it arrives at your wedding all ready to delight and astound your guests. 

Once the event is over, we’ll arrive promptly to take away your LED Poseur Table, leaving you free to enjoy the first day of your married lives without the hassle of clearing away your décor. Our trained and fully-insured team offers a professional service from start to finish, to ensure that every customer enjoys the best experience possible when they work with Wedding Venue Lighting.

As the largest stockist of cutting-edge LED Poseur Table in the area, and a long-established wedding and corporate event lighting provider, we’re experts in our field. When you work with us, you’re getting the very best selection and service so that you can rest assured that you’ll receive only the best in LED furniture and that your wedding will proceed without a hitch.

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