Light Up Hashtag # Hire | Illuminated Hashtag # | Big Hashtag # Hire

Our Light Up Hashtag # are the perfect backdrop to promote your social media presence.

The illuminated Hashtag # can be used as an addition to our light up letters.

Our Big Hashtag # are for hire for Annual events, award ceremony, anniversaries and parties. 

Our Hashtag # use a traditional fairground bulb, this gives a diffused effect looks good both during the day and night.


Standing at 5 ft Tall (1.20 Meters) Our Hashtag # make a real showcase at your event.


Light Up Illuminated Hashtag # Hire (Delivered Installed and Collected)

Thanks to our trained and insured team of experts, we’re able to offer you a complete service from booking through to removal. Our supportive staff will start by finding the perfect light up Hashtag # letters for your event.

When you’ve chosen the décor that suits your celebration, we’ll book it and get it cleaned and ready for you. Then our team will come to your venue and install the Hashtag # letters and show you how to make them shine at their illuminated best. 

After the installation, they’ll leave you to enjoy your event, but they’re only a phone call away if you have any queries or questions.

When your event is over, and you’re ready to pack everything up, we’ll return and collect our light up Hashtag # letters and check that you were happy with them.

The Hashtag # letters are suitable for use indoor, however they are not waterproof so cannot be used outside if it is raining.

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