Confetti Cannons – Dancing In Clouds Hire

Special effects are sure to bring that extra wow factor to your wedding or event. At Wedding Venue Lighting we offer confetti cannons and dancing on clouds.

Confetti Cannon Hire


Confetti Cannon Hire

Confetti offers a classic, timeless special effect, confetti is imbedded within weddings but can also be used at many events and parties. Our confetti cannon is designed to launch an impressive cascade of confetti and is operated from a wireless remote for simple operation.

Dancing On Clouds

Dancing on clouds offers a spectacular effect that can enhance your wedding, have your first dance on a cloud creating a truly elegant atmosphere, furthermore, dancing on clouds can also be used at parties or events to make the day even more spectacular. Once operated thick white fog is produced and dispersed covering the entire dance floor. Dance the night away on top of the clouds, a truly magical experience.