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Up Lighting Hire

Provide a stunning enhancements to your wedding venue with our Up Lighting system.

Using modern L.E.D. Lighting and Computer Controlled technology we are able to select any shade of any colour you may desire with our Up Lighting. Which can be used to paint your venue with light, thus creating the perfect atmosphere for your special day

Designed to complement your choice(s) of colour scheme at the touch of a button.

Wedding Venue Lighting services can transform your venue into your wedding colour theme.

We colour paint your venue with light, thus creating the perfect atmosphere for your special day.

We deliver and install your wedding venue lighting effect well before you are due to occupy your function suite.

Up Lighting Hire

All lighting is tested and demonstrated to event management staff prior to the beginning of the event.

We can colour match the lights to your wedding day colour scheme, you can also have the up lighting, lights on alternate colours if you have a 2 colour scheme.

Up Lighting Hire

If you don’t want the lighting on a static colour we can program the lights to slowly fade between the colours of your choice.

Up Lighting Hire

There are two options to consider when booking Up Lighting.

1 – We can  simply wash the walls of your venue with your chosen colour scheme all day


2 – We can set the lights up to be controllable. Early in the evening the whole room can colour fade gently or static colour, then during the disco or band time the dance floor area can be flashing on faster patterns to the beat of the music whilst the seating area will be dimmed to a pleasing static colour.



Mood / Up Lighting Hire



The up lighting is designed in such a way that it compliments your wedding colours, your dress, the bridesmaid’s dresses, the tables, the napkins and the flowers, transforming your venue into a brilliantly, warm atmosphere.

Serving The Yorkshire Area’s.

You can choose the exact colours that you would like the room to appear during your wedding day – we can match your existing colour scheme from a range of thousand different shades.

Check out our Venue Pictures to see how affective our mood lighting service is.

Up Lighting Hire

Up Lighting Packages

Upto 12 Up lighters – Static Colour Scheme – £200
Upto 12 Up lighters – Colour controllable – £300

Upto 24 Up lighters – Static Colour Scheme – £300
Upto 24 Up lighters – Colour controllable – £400

(We deliver install and collect free of charge within a 50 mile radius of BD19 postcode, additional miles are charged at £1.00 per mile)