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Get the Party Started With Our Disco Light Hire Service

When you think of a great party, the first thing that springs to mind is a well-lit venue with flashing lights and banging music.

Recreating this effect might seem like a challenge, particularly if the venue that you’re working with is enormous and you’ve never hosted a party or wedding before.

As many small bands and DJs don’t provide any lighting equipment as part of their service, you could find yourself searching for the perfect disco lighting to brighten up your venue.


Thankfully, Wedding Venue Lighting is here to help with our disco light hire service. We offer a selection of different styles, ranging from revolving disco balls through to colourful bulbs and everything in between.

Installing these lights is almost as important as choosing the right ones, which is why we offer every party host the benefit of our expertise. We will help you to find the right spot for your lights so that they perfectly illuminate your dancefloor and keep the party going all night long.

From setting the spotlight on your DJ to creating a funky pattern on the dancefloor, we can make our lighting products do whatever you want them to so that your venue looks as you pictured it when you started planning your party.

Our staff will not only instal your party lights when you hire them from us, but they’ll also show you how to use them, and give you a phone number to call if you need any further assistance during your event.

Once the party’s over, they’ll return to clear away, clean and check the disco lights, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Unfortunately, we can’t help with venue cleanup, but that’s what hungover friends are for, right?!


An unforgettable party involves more than just disco lights, which is why we also offer LED furniture hire, sound equipment, video display products, special effects and much more.

By collaborating with us and letting us decorate your venue, you’ll turn an ordinary party into something truly extraordinary that your guests will remember forever.

Over the years, we’ve decorated and lit hundreds of parties, from intimate gatherings through to raucous raves and everything in between, so we know how to make your party perfect.

Use our expertise to host a night to remember and show off your creativity and ingenuity. You can create a unique space using our products with a minimum of fuss and hassle, meaning that you can get on with the important business of hosting your event and making sure that everyone has a great time.

For party hosts across Yorkshire, we’re the best choice for all of your venue lighting and decoration needs. Our team can turn your verbal instructions into the perfect party that you’ve always wanted to host.

What are you waiting for? Contact Wedding Venue Lighting today to find out more about our product hire services and how we can get your party off to a flying start.